Excursions and Incursions

During the year, our students are offered a variety of excursion and incursions. Whole-school incursions that visit our school each year include:

Musica Viva 

An experience of interactive, dynamic and culturally diverse groups that perform a wide variety of musical styles. 

Oz Opera

The touring arm of Opera Australia visits our school each year to deliver a fully staged, specially adapted performance of a popular opera.

Starrs Productions

Starrs perform a range of short plays that cover the topics of bullying, autism, cyber bullying and cyber safety and Mary MacKillop.

Financial Literacy

Each year the children participate in financial literacy lessons provided by the Commonwealth Bank’s Startsmart

Water Safety 

Newcastle City council lifeguards present water and beach safety to the children.

Life Education

Healthy Harold visits in his van to teach about a healthy lifestyle. Topics vary depending on the children’s grade and are based on the NSW curriculum.

NED Show

Never give up, encourage others, do your best! This is the theme of the NED show which incorporates Yoyo tricks into a performance about friendships and resilience.

Book Week

During book week we have a range of activities that can include an author visit, parade and shared story time.